About Brilliant NYC

All children have the innate drive to learn and possess unique talents, gifts and strengths. As a school system, we have a responsibility to present every student with the types of opportunities that research has proven helps students stretch, grow and reach their full potential.

Brilliant NYC is the blueprint that will reshape our entire system, beginning with all Kindergarten classrooms next fall and building upon the work of our 3K and PreK programs. The blueprint for Brilliant NYC is informed by the leading research and science of learning but no plan would be complete without the voices of our most important partners – our families and communities.

Every community school district will host a District Community Meeting led by their District Superintendent. These meetings are District specific and for families and community members from the district to learn about the Brilliant NYC blueprint, hear about the work that is already happening in their District and co-construct what this will look like for their local community. All perspectives are welcomed and encouraged!

For more information, visit: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/learning/programs/brilliant-nyc

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