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Creating Attendance – Official Class Codes

Description: This section explains how you begin to create your attendance for ACS and DOE vendors.

Viewing and Adding Students to Attendance – Transfer,Discharge

Description: This section displays how your students are viewed and how to add students to your attendance. Explains interclass transferring and discharging students.

Entering Attendance Days – Present, Absent

Description: Shows how to mark “absent, present and site closed” for your students.

Completing Attendance and Certification

Description: Shows how to move to other official class codes to enter your attendance for your other classes. Shows how to delete a student from attendance, displays summary page for your attendance.

Student Attendance Landing

Description: Shows Attendance history month by month, displays certified and saved attendances, gives scenarios where you should contact your Operations Analyst, explains ACS attendance sequences for vendors with multiple sites.

Invoicing – DOE Vendors (Only pertains to DOE contracted vendors)

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